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Elm lake

Elm Lake is positioned in the middle of our beautiful natural valley and is the second of the original lakes on the Woodlands complex. It extends to approximately three quarters of an acre and is fed all the year round by natural springs and the outflow from Willow Lake. With water lilies and underwater snags to be avioded at all costs, anglers will need to exercise skill and control in order to land some of the larger specimens that inhabit its depths.

The lake is home to some of our heaviest carp, with the best recorded fish to date tipping the scales at 21lb 10oz. There are many doubles and numerous fish in the 5lb - 8lb range and whilst most anglers choose to target the carp, the lake also supports a healthy stock of crucians, tench, perch, roach, rudd and bream. Depths range between 3 - 7 feet with the shallower water near to the outflow from Willow Lake, always a carp hotspot in the warmer sumnmer months.

The lake is open to pleasure anglers only and match fishing is strictly prohibited. Whilst we do not encourage the practice, we appreciate that some anlgers do like to retain their fish in a keepnet. This is permitted for all species, except carp, on the understanding that nets are emptied after a maximum of 6 hours or sooner during hot weather. In the interests of fish welfare, please use an unhooking mat at all times when handling large carp. Treat them gently and return them to the water promptly.

There is one peg available that is particularly suited to the wheelchair bound or heavily disabled angler. If you wish to book this peg in advance, please telephone the fishery and speak to Eric.

Best baits are pellet, sweetcorn, luncheon meat, bread and prawn. Please adhere to our fishery rules and bait bans.

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