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Hawthorn Lake

Hawthorn Lake is the larger of the two match lakes that were constructed as part of the 2004 expansion programme. Extending to almost 2 acres, the lake features a large reed fringed island, lush bankside vegetation and numerous small overhanging alders. It has 36 custom built 4' x 3' flagstone pegs at a full 10 yards spacing, thereby ensuring that all anglers have ample space to fish the margins, a good summer method here. Anglers will also be delighted with the generous space behind the pegs, allowing easy shipment of poles. This is a multi-method venue that has excellent feeder and long distance waggler pegs, as well as those suited to the long pole methods so popular on today’s commercial waters. Depths range between 3 -8 feet with the deepest water to be found on pegs 12 – 22.

The first stocking of mirror and common carp took place in 2004 and some of these fish have shown impressive growth rates in the last few years with fish up to 16lbs now being landed. A further stocking of mirror and common carp up to 2lbs took place in the spring of 2007 and with the help of some natural recruitment the lake now boasts an excellent mix of fish throughout all the weight ranges. Coupled with a good head of crucians, specimen perch, roach, rudd, tench and bream, anglers can confidently look forward to a fine days sport. The 6 hour match record stands at 141lb and the 5 hour record at 117lb. Winning weights during the summer months are typically between 50 - 90lbs and can come from virtually any peg. Reports from pleasure anglers of bags well over 100lb are commonplace.


Most of the usual baits are productive on this lake with pellet, paste, sweetcorn and luncheon meat often the most successful.

When not reserved for club and open matches, Hawthorn Lake is open to pleasure anglers (please check the fishery notice board on arrival). In the interests of fish welfare, keepnets are not permitted when pleasure fishing this lake and a catch and return policy is strictly enforced. Intensive match fishing can place fish stocks under severe stress and the returning of fish to the water promptly by pleasure anglers makes a huge difference to their long term health.

Please adhere to our fishery and match rules at all times and observe the bait bans.

Bookings for club matches are now being taken for the 2012 season. Please call Eric on 01790 754252 to discuss your requirements.

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