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Oak Lake

Oak Lake at around one acre and with 17 easy access pegs, is the largest of the three original lakes at Woodlands. Constructed in 1989 by damming the stream that runs through the middle of the fishery, it began life as a trout lake before being transformed some years later into a thriving coarse fishery. This was the main match lake until the completion of an expansion programme in 2004, when two new match lakes were excavated (Ash and Hawthorn).

A unique feature of Oak Lake is the floodlights that allow evening matches to extend beyond dusk and into darkness. As such the lake is popular in the summer months with small clubs and informal groups wishing to fish short midweek matches (draw at 6pm, fish 6:30 - 10 pm). The record for an evening match stands at 49lb 15oz which is not bad for three and a half hours fishing. If you are interested in booking an evening match on this lake (reduced match fees apply), please telephone Eric for further information.

In addition to a healthy stock of crucians, tench, perch, roach, rudd and bream, the lake is home to a substantial head of carp. The majority of the carp are in the 4lb - 12lb range, but there are numerous bigger specimens all the way up to nearly 20lb. Depths range between 3 – 8 feet with the deeper water located near the dam (fishing from the dam is prohibited). It's a well known fact that carp love overhanging trees, so when the sun is high and they are not patrolling the margins, expect to find them sunbathing under the trees lining the dam!

With the exception of the midweek evening matches, Oak Lake is open to pleasure anglers only. Whilst we do not encourage the practice, we appreciate that some anglers do like to retain their fish in a keepnet. This is permitted for all species, except carp, on the understanding that nets are emptied after a maximum of 6 hours or sooner during hot weather. In the interests of fish welfare, please use an unhooking mat at all times when handling large carp. Treat them gently and return them to the water promptly.

There is one peg available that is particularly suited to the wheelchair bound or heavily disabled angler. If you wish to book this peg in advance, please telephone the fishery and speak to Eric.

Best baits are pellet, sweetcorn, luncheon meat, paste and maggots. Please adhere to our fishery and match rules at all times and observe the bait bans.

Oak Lake is available for midweek evening matches under floodlights during the summer months (reduced match fees apply). If you are a small club or simply an informal group looking for a new experience then call Eric on 01790 754252 for more information.

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